How do I collect my blood sample?

Here is all the information you need to collect your sample.



Before collecting your blood sample

  1. Please read the Instruction Manual inside your kit box thoroughly
  2. Remember to drink plenty of water, as this will increase your blood flow. We recommend drinking 2-3 glasses of water up to 30 minutes before providing your sample
  3. Move your body to raise your heart rate, this will also increase your blood flow. Here are a few examples of what you can do: 
    • Walk up and down a set of stairs for 2-3 minutes.
    • Perform jumping jacks for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Immerse your hand in a bowl of warm water for at least 3 minutes. 

During your sample collection

Stand up during the whole collection — gravity will help keep the blood flowing towards your extremities! 

  1. Get your finger ready by wiping it with an alcohol pad and wait a few seconds until it gets dry 
  2. Twist the cap off one of the lancets 
  3. Rest your hand on a stable surface, position the lancet on your fingertip and press down until you hear a click
  4. Remember to wipe away the first drop of blood with a dry and clean tissue 
  5. Position your hand over the collection tube whilst massaging your hand every 4 seconds from palm to fingertip - this allows time for your blood to replenish
  6. If your blood stops flowing, try to prick a different finger with a new lancet

    Yellow Blood Collection Tube 
  • Fill up until the second line — 600ul — and place the cap back on the tube. Then invert the tube 10 times
  • Avoid shaking the tube, as this will affect your sample

    Purple Blood Collection Tube
  • Fill up until the second line — 600ul — and place the cap back on the tube. Invert and swirl the blood around. This will help ensure that the blood touches the gel on the inside of the tube
  • Please note — not all test kits contain a purple blood collection tube. This will depend on the type of test 

Are you struggling to collect your sample or ran out of lancets? 

Please get in touch with our dedicated  customer support team at  or alternatively use our live chat facility.