How fast will I get my test results?

What we do to ensure you receive your results in time.

We know how important it is for you to receive your results ASAP, whether you're using the results for travel purposes, returning to work, or simply for peace of mind. Rapid diagnosis of individuals can also allow tracing and isolation of people with whom an infected person may have come in contact with.


When will I receive my results?

We do our very best to ensure that you receive your results as soon as possible — please note that the 48 hours turnaround time starts when the lab receives your sample and begins processing it. It does not start from when you send your sample to the Lab. Our standard Service Level Agreement is within 48 to 72 hours which we quote to our clients. Please be advised that this timeframe is only applicable to COVID-19 tests.

Top Tip! If you are using the kit for travel purposes and are on a tight schedule, please do allow at least 72 hours from sending the sample to our lab and the results being processed.


My sample was delivered at the lab, why have I not received my results yet?

Most results are released  within 48 hours however, if you haven't received yours this may be due to several reasons, such as: 

  • Your sample was contaminated with food, drinks, chewing gum, or other foreign substances like nicotine affecting its quality 
  • Your swab didn't contain enough sample. To avoid this, please ensure you follow the instructions manual provided in your testing kit as to how you can collect your throat and nose swabs.

In both cases, the lab won't be able to provide an accurate result. If this happens, the lab will inform us right away, and attempt to re-test your sample for a second time. This may delay your results arrival. If the second attempt is still unsuccessful, a member of our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you to arrange a replacement kit to be dispatched to you. 

  • The lab is processing a large volume of samples, especially on weekends. Try to factor this in if you are in a hurry. Because of this, your results may require more than 48 hours to be delivered.  In any case, your results will be uploaded to your Rightangled dashboard within 48 from the lab receiving your sample.

How will I know if I've received my results?

Once your results are ready, you will be notified by an email prompting you to Log in to your account. Here, you will be able to view your results displayed on your Dashboard where you also have the option to download your report and use it as a Fit to Fly Certificate, should you wish to use the same test for travel.

Top Tip – If you haven't received an email from us, please check your junk inbox. If nothing is there, you may have entered the wrong email address whilst purchasing or registering your kit.

please contact us via where one of our customer service agents will be happy to assist you further.